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So I guess I'm starting a diary. It's not any special assignment or anything, just a notebook I bought at the market, though I doubt that'll make a difference. She'll find a way to read it anyway. She's like that. I don't really mind, I don't think. Really, I'm just doing this to occupy my mind, get all my thoughts in order. I sure as heck have a lot of thoughts to get in order, after all.

I guess that's my problem. When dragons get older, they get bored. Most of 'em get destructive, or get lazy, so you only ever hear about dragons rampaging through villages, or sleeping in caves with their hoards. I never quite hit either of those points, not counting an incident a few years back. No, I've been relieving my boredom in a different way. I've taken up tinkering with Ruby Gold-styled machines.

If someone is reading this and doesn't know what those are, don't worry; I didn't, either, until I saw how Pinkie Pie makes those triple-layer daffodil tarts. Then I started researching. Basically, Ruby Gold was an inventor who never did things the easy way. Say you want to close the door. Instead of walking over and closing the door, you would pull a string, which would let a ball roll down a ramp, knocking over a candle that would burn a rope holding up a weight that would land on a pulley that would tug the door closed for you from all the way across the room. And that would be a "simple" method for Ruby; a lot of his contraptions had twenty or thirty different little knick knacks and bobbins that needed to work together in order for things to actually happen.

So I've been tinkering with those sorts of setups, and thinking about things. And that's when it sinks in: Ruby Gold was way beyond his time. Like, yeah, it's complicated? But it ALWAYS WORKS. He knew what sorts of reactions objects would have when coming into contact with other objects, and just set up these magnificent chain reactions that you'd think were practically miraculous, stuff even magic couldn't have done.

And that's what she does.

She didn't know when. She had no idea when the pieces would be loaded into the machine. She had the dragon egg (...dragon eggs? I still don't know. I don't know if I want to know.). She knew the spells that would be needed, and left them conveniently in the reach of aspiring foals. She knew she needed an outside catalyst, but never knew quite what, until the rainboom hit. That was the last piece she needed. Pegasus magic mingled with unicorn magic and imprinted themselves on an unborn whelp. What came out of that wasn't a dragon and a unicorn... not exactly.

I don't believe in fate. Prophecy is just a prediction based on facts. Right now I could prophesize some things without any trouble: In about 200 years, there will be a sapphire shortage in the badlands, causing the Diamond Dogs to seek out some place new to live. In fifty years, zebras will finally migrate in large numbers to Equestria, though many of them will move on to Saddle Arabia, where there are fewer who fear their kind. In about five years, the newest Princess will be forced to go back to Canterlot, and the sun and the moon will grow distant again. Someone else will end up watching over Ponyville.

She may not have known before that moment, but she'd been setting up the mechanism for hundreds of years, maybe even a thousand. I don't know if she started planning from when she made her biggest mistake, but it couldn't have been too long after.

I'm not like other dragons. Like I said, what came out of that incident... I'm just as much pony as I am dragon, and it's not just a mindset thing. I never got my wings in, when dragons half my age are already taking to migratory flights. I've certainly never seen any other purple dragons around, not even in old records or shed scales buried in the dirt. It's not really surprising - Twilight imprinted on me, we really are like brother and sister. Just like she had planned it.

Fifteen hundred years... it's a long time. She probably thought she could get by with being young and impulsive until Nightmare Moon was sealed away. Then she had a whole millennium alone to just... think. To watch ponies, to learn how they act. She probably knows how ponies react better than those ponies ever will. I bet she's the same way with the griffons and zebras, too - we're all predictable to her. That's why I expect she'll read this. She already knows I'm going to write it.

She's probably proud of me, proud that I figured it out. Within a few years, she and her sister will step into solitude, maybe together or maybe apart, and they'll just fade into obscurity. Twilight will take up being the figurehead of ponykind, and it will be declared as a message to the world: the Sun and Moon no longer rule the lands, now is the era of Friendship and Love.

I wonder if she expects the other lands to strike out on a percieved weakness, or if they'll be cowed by Twilight's past accomplishments.

Either way, it will probably usher in a new golden age, just like the initial defeat of Discord.

Where does that leave the assistant? Well, I never knew, myself, until just the other day. I was out on a walk, thinking back on all the stuff that's happened, and, well... I realized. Before Twilight and I came to Ponyville, there were... a lot of dragons around here, and not exactly peaceful ones. Not just dragons, either - Timber Wolves, parasprites, even hydras. Ponyville wasn't a safe place.

She protected it, and... under Twilight's leadership, Ponyville became a place of equality, a land where nobody was turned away, not even Discord himself. The draconequus spends more time at Fluttershy's house than anywhere else, after all.

And when she leaves, I'm going to be the one left to keep it safe.

Eighteen years ago, a young pegasus broke the magical barrier in flight. The resultant surge of energy caused six fillies to spiritually bond together, granting one of them enough magical power to imprint on an unhatched dragon egg, infusing the hatchling inside with a pony's magic. In a single motion, Princess Celestia had found her replacement and her intended liason between ponykind and the other races of the world. More mechanisms followed, some more complicated, others less so. She raised both of those two with love, treating them both as a mother would, always leading them down her desired path. Then, when everything seemed right, she set off her masterpiece. In the span of a year, she had banished the evil influence inside her sister, stopped Discord's reawakening, and brought the Princess of Love and the future Princess of Friendship into a sisterhood as well.

She didn't expect the changeling invasion; I think even Discord would have been surprised by that one for a few seconds. But she'd managed to get enough momentum beforehand that it was hardly more than a speedbump. She rescued the citizens of the Crystal Kingdom, and put the Princess of Love in her place as their ruler. She reformed Discord, purified and sealed away the imperfect Elements of Harmony, and then refined the proper elements themselves out of the purity of the hearts of those six ponies. Those New Elements aren't weapons, but they'll still be used to guide Equestria to peace.

I wonder if Twilight knows everything that is already put in place for her. She probably does, deep down... she's smart. Smarter than anypony could know. But... I think she doesn't want to believe it, doesn't want to feel like she's been used.

I don't think either of us really were used... not like that, at least. We would've done the same things if we were left on our own... that's the beauty of a Ruby Gold machine - everything's set up so that things happen naturally; nothing needs to be forced or moved in the slightest.

I wonder if Ruby Gold kept letters with Celestia. They seem like they'd have a lot to talk about.



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